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Its been a long campaign for all the teams taking part since the qualifiers a year ago to the group stages a month ago,then the knockouts but it all comes down to this very match...one will win it all but exactly who?...only time will tell.

Germany have had a good campaign till now,they've looked lively in every match except the one against Croatia.They were broken down by a much resilient and well disciplined Bilic's team.Although Ballack's injury might be a slight concern who has inspired Germany throughout the campaign.Spain on the other hand have had an excellent campaign,they've won every match uptill now and stats show that Luis Aragones' side hasn't lost the last 20 matches...considering even when they rested 7-8 players against Greece they've won...which shows the amount of depth in the squad.David Villa would certainly be a BIG loss for Spain he looked lively in every match and certainly looked like scoring in every match.

When we compare the two sides there is almost nothing to differentiate between them.
Spain have arguably got the best keeper in the world in Iker Casillas whereas Jens Lehman has conceded 4 goals in the last 2 games showing the reason why he was a shadow against German Legend Oliver Kahm.Germany are a bit slow on the back with Mertesacker and Metzelder,Certainly spain's Puyol as well as Marchena have played well on the defensive front conceding less goals.Germany have got 1 of the best left back's in the world in Felipe Lahm who is excellent going forward whereas Spain have got Real's Sergio Ramos who has shown during the campaign why he is the best right back in the world.Marcos Senna has had an impressive campaign attracting interest from Arsenal in the mean while whereas hitzelsberger and Fritz have done the same.There are toooo many cooks in Spain's midfield with Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas, Xavi and David Silva.But Germany have got Bastian Schweintsteiger...a one man team who's playing flair indicates that he'll lay down his life to see his motherland win the cup! Podolski has returned to his World Cup goal scoring form whereas David Villa has been for Spain. This is where Spain would probably lack during the finals due to his injury. Germany have got Miroslav Klose whereas Spain have got Fernando Torres,both high profile flops at Euro'08(Won't say that if both shine tonight!)

Football Paradise Prediction:
When Germany move forward as a team they look more lethal...same can be said about Spain although they need to get into their flow,like we saw the last match against Russia(HT 0-0).
There is too much quality on the pitch to have a open end to end game although the occassion can make it one.Tonight is going to be a game of tactical warfare.If the 1st goal leaks early then we might have a match to remember for a long time to come.Spain haven't won it for the last 24 years which would probably make them more desperate for the trophy.Luis Aragones will certainly fire up the squad for the big ocassion.The game would be tight and any side might win it by a moment of individual brilliance.Our prediction is
Spain 2-1 Germany
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  1. My prediction is Spain 1-1 Germany and Germany to win it on penalties
    Both 2nd half goals

  2. German skipper to play!!!!!!!!!!!!
    German newspaper Bild(British version of The Sun!):"Bild has learned that the injured captain will definitely be in the starting lineup.In a team meeting after an afternoon training session Ballack's name was written on the lineup board."
    We are hopefully in 4 a cracker!!
    My prediction is Spain 3-2 Germany.