Has the Drogba of 2005 returned?

After his antics after the defeat against Barcelona, many speculated that Drogba's future at Stamford Bridge was soon to end. And he would prefer a move to Inter Milan to reunite with former coach Jose Mourinho.

But Chelsea, who have been most famous for changing their managers faster than clothes, again did the same. Guus Hiddink's tenure of 6 months came to an end after an impressive display and delivering FA Cup glory to Chelsea.

Then came Carlo Ancelotti, famous for his European records. The focus shifted from Drogba to Ancelotti as many considered him as the best summer signing for Chelsea. Soon, all was forgotten and Drogba was given the green light to perform.

And Drogba has certainly repaid the faith shown in him by Chelsea and Ancelotti or has he?
To be honest, Chelsea's first 5 opponents have been quite moderate. Hull, Burnley, Fulham, Sunderland and Stoke City. These teams haven't provided the test for Chelsea. Actually, Chelsea have been quite lucky with their opening fixtures. So, to analyse Chelsea's title chances after the opening five wins is not right. So is the case with Didier Drogba.

"A team's title ambitions will be seen and proved only in the rough times."

Didier Drogba has scored or has had an assist in almost every Chelsea game this season. His performances have been match-winning and magical. It surely reminds us of the Drogba who blossomed under Mourinho and helped Chelsea win two back-to-back titles. But a question suddenly surfaces - Can he display the same performances against the stronger sides? And will he remain free of injuries?

If he can, I think Chelsea will win the EPL this year.
If he can't, then this year's title race is gonna be more fun than ever.

You might just want to refresh some of those memories and be aware of what he was/is capable of doing..

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  1. It'll be interesting to see how he fares against tougher opposition. Obviously, there are some tough sides in the EPL but I'm always interested on how players perform on the European stage.

    I wonder if Chelsea's relative lack of success in the Champions League ie. almost but not quite has affected his confidence and motivation.