EPL Week 10 Highlights & Goals

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Wolves vs Aston Villa
Birmingham City vs Sunderland
Burnley vs Wigan
Hull City vs Portsmouth
Tottenham vs Stoke City
Chelsea vs Blackburn
Bolton vs Everton
Liverpool vs Manchester United
Manchester City vs Fulham
Arsenal vs West Ham United

Free Highlights and Goals Of the Barclays Premier League Week 10

Liverpool 2 0 Manchester United

Chelsea 5 0 Blackburn Rovers

Manchester City 2 2 Fulham

Wolves 1 1 Aston Villa

Tottenham 0 1 Stoke City

Hull City 0 0 Portsmouth

Burnley 1 3 Wigan

Birmingham City 2 1 Sunderland

Arsenal 2 2 West Ham United

Bolton 3 2 Everton

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  1. I still reckon that Jamie Carragher should have seen red for that pull back on Owen. Even though I was supporting Man Utd, I do believe the best team won on the day. Chelsea are still going to win the league in my opinion though - they have the strongest team, and have a big squad to call on.

  2. Chelsea do have the best squad in the premier league imho whereas Liverpool and Man United don't have enough 'quality' depth to be a bit blunt

  3. Well , There is " ACN " coming up . And Chelsea won't have enough Quality or Depth then
    And Liverpool being out of equation . I think Arsenal , Chelsea and United all of them have a decent chance of bagging it .
    And @ gaurang . Sorry , But Man United have the quality , What they lack is a Finisher.

  4. Man United do have quality - there's no debating that!
    But it's quality of the subs - Are they as good as replacing the first eleven??
    At Chelsea they've got top quality players at every level - 2/3 world class players at every position
    Sadly Liverpool and Man United don't..