Dilemma for Liverpool (supporters)

  BIG BIG weekend in the Barclays Premier league. Just two games to go and Chelsea have a slender 1 point advantage over Man United. 

The title could be decided this weekend with both the teams having tough away fixtures, although Chelsea have the relatively tougher fixture - however, Manchester United may not, and rather should not, be that complacent as Sunderland have proved this season that the Stadium Of Light is no easy place to visit, the likes of Liverpool Arsenal and Spurs have suffered crucial defeats! 

Let's just break the ice and put it this way - Liverpool fans simply cannot fathom the fact of straight away handing Manchester United, the elusive 19th title.

 Around 15 years ago, the same scenario occured when Liverpool were playing Blackburn Rovers, who at that time were challenging for the title alongwith Manchester United. United needed a victory over West Ham and needed some favour from their Merseyside rivals. 

Liverpool did secure a victory, however United failed to beat West Ham which handed Kenny Dalglish's Blackburn Rovers the title.

In all certainty, Liverpool's players will be going for a win, the manager will be going for a win, and nothing will be holding them back. A advice to the Liverpool faithful would be to back your team, Manchester United isn't a part of it!

Pepe Reina spoke of his determination to win their last Anfield game,
"If you are a professional, you will never play to lose or draw in any game. It's just not us.
"We need a win at home for our supporters. I don't care about Manchester United. All I care about is us and making sure we get three points.
"It's down to our own pride. We will try to win, and if we don't, it will be because we're playing Chelsea, a tough team fighting for the championship.
"We're going into the game after a disappointing night playing 120 minutes. It won't be easy but we will try.
"I want to make sure we can fight for fourth place by getting those three points. We never play to lose."

 Liverpool have had a dismal season in the Premier League and their ongoing quest for 4th spot remains a mathematical possibility, keeping in mind that Spurs and Man City have to play an extra game -  a lot will depend on what happens at the other big game at the City of Manchester Stadium where Man City take on Aston Villa.

Chelsea are coming in fresh and full of confidence after thumping Stoke 7-0 at the bridge. Liverpool, on the other hand, are coming back from a Europe exertion in midweek, a 2-1 victory which went into extra time.

Chelsea have been convincing this season, their 2-1 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford, shows their strength and sheer determination to go and win matches away from home.

To put it straight, Chelsea have won ALL their big 4 matches this season. They have just had too much strength and depth in their squad. Carlo Ancellotti will see this as '2 wins from the title'.

FP Prediction : Liverpool 1 - 2 Chelsea

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