Annujj Palaye, A Man United supporter writes...

Just when I was convinced that the FA were the dumbest governing body in the world, the AIFF had to prove me wrong !

After Bobby Houghton, the greatest thing that could ever happen to Indian football, was sacked over stupid and baseless allegations of racism, striker Sunil Chhetri tweeted this.
"thinking and analysing everyt. that Bob has done for us,infact football in india, can't thank him enough!it ll be a shame if he has to leave"

"N even worse,we charge him for racism, havnt seen a gentleman like him,leave behind d world class coaching n vast knowledge...sorry bob!"

And guess what, the AIFF will now charge Chhetri for this!
Stand up for Bob!
Stand up for football in India! 

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Annujj Palaye



press kaling me regarding my earlier tweet abt bob..alright I have nthing against the AIfF,n havnt said a single word against it whatso ever

Being a member of AIFF,y wud I say or do anything against it,
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  1. Indian football trends in twitter only when there is controversy like the when match between east bengal and mohun bagan during which fans become violent