I don't know where to start , I am both Devastated and Startled By the Michael Owen Deal . For I have grown up Hating him from day one like many of the Manchester United Fans . He snubbed us when he was fourteen . And I have grown up abusing this guy who carried Liverpool bandwagon on is shoulders for nearly a decade . For a Manc , His credits Sucked then . A Liverpool player . A Real Moneydrid player and then A Newcastle Player. I never expected then that The KOP legend will have to be cheered by Stretford end . Never.

Why is this Deal very good ?
  1. Michael Owen is a renowned striker , And he certainly can score goals .
  2. If He is a Hit , Its a masterstroke , If he is not . Why the heck would we care
  3. We Got him for free !
  4. The salary is too low .
  5. The Fans would be ecstatic if he scores a winner at KOP
Sir Alex Ferguson has shown us exactly why is he a mastermind . You go and sign a player who has proved himself in scoring Goals , That too for free . And his wages are peanuts as compared to other strikers of his class . And He won't Mind being a third choice because he has nowhere else to go . So The biggest problem that Greedy Argentine had , Will be no more .
And one more thing , Michael Owen might try to impress Fabio and try to earn few more caps .
Plus he will benifit us if the 6+5 Rule is implied .

There are just two things why I would even think to rule out this Signing as One of the Best of its Kind
  1. First one is that He was a Scuoser .
  2. And the second one that he is made up of glass
If he stays fit for at least say 15 matches , And that too a Substitute appearance I would be more than happy concluding this a s a successful Signing .
It would take time to show our support to him .Because its just the oddest thing , The Guy whom you have so hated since you started watching football . And you are supposed to sing the chants of his right now . Its hard , But the Hatred will fade away . Eventually it has to .

I will just say , " Sir Alex its a very Good deal in a footballing sense " .

Its Weird , But Hope Owen does well in his spell at Manchester united and tries to Reignite his career . And in addition to that I am just imagining the scene . Owen scoring a winner at KOP and kissing the badge , And after we win EPL title ( If we do ) Owen screaming at scousers " We Have got the 19 th " !

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