Ferguson has announced that he is not going to buy any more players this summer. Following are the reasons that justify why this is just an eye-wash:

1. He has lost two of his big big players in Ronaldo and Tevez. The 3 players he has bought this season, Valencia, Obertan and Owen, two of them being wingers, are, according to him, enough to fill the boots vacated by Ronaldo and Tevez. According to me, they are not. You just can't see around 45 goals being shared by these three.

2. ManUtd legends, Giggs and Scholes are no longer capable of winning matches single-handedly. They are on the wrong side of 30 and are soon going to retire. So, effectively, two less players in the squad. Giggs, who had a fantastic last term, is surely not going to repeat it at the age of 36.

3. The defence is not a problem at all. ManUtd are secured in that department. The problem is where are the goals going to come from in desperate situations. In these times, Ronaldo always came up with match-winners and helped ManUtd edge the close encounters. Tevez also used to do the same. Ronaldo and Tevez both are gone.

4. Michael Owen, howmuchever a prolific goalscorer he may be, has not had even a decent season for the past 4-5 seasons. To add to that, he has always been injury-prone. So, there is no guarantee that Owen will perform wonders this season.

5. Valencia, is not at all a goal-scorer. He only creates, creates and creates. I can't see more than 7-8 goals from him this season.

Now the gambling Alex Ferguson is doing, is, that he is relying on Berbatov to show his class. Nani and Anderson to step-up. And Rooney to give the goals. I hope his gambling does work. With the current squad, ManUtd are certainly capable of challenging for all the trophies. But to win it, is altogether different.

I expect to see 1 more big signing from Ferguson. Money ain't the problem. He will definitely target 1 big player he sees fit to fill the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle.
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