Luís Nani - A bad Xerox of CR ?

United's Left Wing
Evra works his socks off, and Nani ( When given a chance ) looses the ball cheaply.
Well this has been the case from the start of the season, or most of the last season. It makes me wonder if "Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha" popularly known as Nani is just a bad xerox of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Personally, I have been finding Nani a bit frustrating in the last few games, I know he has scored amazing Goals - but it's these vital passes and possession which decides the fate of the match.

He just needs to know that every winger from Portugal is not Cristiano,
He tries to dribble past defenders ,
He wants to take all the free kicks,
He whines every time fouled,
In one thing he doesn't resemble Ron is,
Scoring 20+ goals a season.

Its not like Nani is a peace of shit and lacks quality at all. GenuinelyNani is a very good winger. But just if he and stops copying Ronaldo and acting childish , he could be a regular in Man United squad.

The question is how many chances Sir Alex will give him. United have Tosic and Obertan in the tunnel waiting for opportunities, and snap them whenever they get a chance.

So whatever Nani has in his bag, He needs to unpack it Fast otherwise Sir Alex will have no other option than to offload him.
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  1. He should not try to imitate Ronaldo! He will fail miserably. He should just concentrate on his game and stop worrying about how he can be a Ronaldo! I think that's what he's not doing at the moment.