Ireland's Ray of Hope

Before stating what I want to just have a look at the conference which took place yesterday and hear what Mr. Blatter has to say

There are loads of points which are worth discussing here and the manner in which events have unfolded - it may seem we are possibly heading to an unusual World Cup of sorts - IF - FIFA do accept Ireland as the 33rd team - and duh! - Costa Rica

There should be no debate as in whether Ireland deserve a World Cup spot - they were better than France over the two legs and do deserve going through - agreed France has a better squad but you don't rest on your laurels - you don't perform and your out - Fair Play!

Ireland have sprung up with the smartest of ideas by not targeting their chances of playing at the World Cup against France. Simply put - France as a nation have been given the green light for the World Cup and consider a replay - forbid exit would be calamitous for the game and would make FIFA look like a mad house with the media constantly wrangling through them and their legislation.

On the brighter side this humble request if granted would be good for the game - although a rule that was broken - it supports fair play. Moreover incidents like this may cause entire Ireland to remember the WC 2010 by the Henry incident and how unjust the world was to them.

Moreover, now the entire world seems to be against Henry - had he accepted the incident at that moment France would have been against him. People have got to understand that it was a case of more ineptness of the official rather than cunning attitude of the player.

The only thing that I'm not convinced of Costa Rica. It seems that they would be considered if additional places are discussed - agreed they too have a statement of fair play lodged - but for an offside goal - yea seems everyone is taking advantage Ireland's tragic exit. It seems Costa Rica have a point here - and it's just because the goal was clearly offside.

FIFA's reply to these two incidents will be an interesting one

Well nothing more to be said - we await FIFA's decision...
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  1. Ideally it would be fair to give Ireland a chance, but then every single misjudgement would invoke a trial (like costa rica too appealed).Personally i would like Ireland be given a chance, but that wouldnt be good for the game's future.So just bad (really bad) luck, Ireland.