Chelsea 2 - 4 Manchester City .

Its not the result we expected . Chelsea losing against Manchester City at Stamford Bridge . This was th match which might just affect the title race this season and the Race to Champions League Spot as well . Its not often that Manchester United Fans want City to win and Liverpool fans supporting Chelsea , But this season has been strange enough for us to wonder whats happening .

Chelsea were looking promising in the first half and as Lampard netted the ball just before the break . It looked like the match was in their bag just when a series of defensive errors and a major Goalkeeping error helped Carlos Tevez to equalised . Whole of the Manchester was hoping for a draw at half time .

Within minutes of the second half city scored again on counter attack . It was Bellamy who scored from a very acute angle . And so Manchester City were leading the pensioners two goals to one .

Belletti was shown a red card for the tackle on Barry and Tevez netted the penalty narrowing Chelsea's chances to equalise as 80'th minute was approaching .

Ballack followed his team mate out of the stadium with his second yellow for a tackle from behind on Tevez .

The nine men couldn't stop Shawn Right Phillips as he crossed the ball perfectly to Bellamy who had nothing to do but tap the ball in and say thank you . Lampard scored from the spot at 90'th minute but hardly it changed the matters for them .

PL Table :
The title reace seems wide open again as the leaders have just one point lead over the champions . And Arsenal following with just five points gap and a game in hand . The match also sqaundered Liverpool's hopes to gain advantage over City for the Fourth spot as they have a five points gap .
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