Playoff for 4th spot ?

  As it seems the Premier League are now considering a play-off for the 4th team to be qualified for the Champions League - that would mean
a mini knockout-tournament for the teams occupying 4th to 7th places.  With increasing pressure from teams like Aston Villa, Tottenham, Machester City and Everton in recent years to break the top four - this has been an initiative to grant a European adventure to these teams. 

The Premier League have been endowed with a number of ideas regarding the 4th qualifying team - however concrete measures won't be seen as the TV deal is in effect for the next 3 years atleast.

BBC correspondent Gordon Farquhar says  "Any changes would need the agreement of 14 of the 20 clubs. But the League says there are many options and nothing has been decided."

This is another attempt to twist the format of the Premier League - we all know what happened to suggestions for a 39th game in Asia a couple of years back...

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