Future of LFC enters a crucial stage

  The 4 -1 win over Benfica had all the positives required for what has been a disastrous campaign - one with not much to celebrate if you are a Liverpool supporter. Yes the performace on the pitch was good - but more evidently the one off it was outstanding - George Gillet and Tom Hicks were seen - together - at Anfield - after 6 months.

Cristian Purslow, Liverpool's managing director has been scouring the globe for potential investors in the past few months. And the news developing off the field is interesting. 

It was only last week that Hicks and Gillet turned down an offer from the Rhone Group - a mid-equity firm, an offer to reduce the clubs debt of £237m by £100m in exchange for 40% stake. Now July is the RBS's deadline to reduce the debt. 

If recent reports are to be believed Hicks and Gillet are ready to step down as co-chaiman and appoint British Airway chairman Martin Broughton - a business heavyweight who has previously British Horse Racing Board , British American Tobacco and Confederation of British industry - and has been a life long Chelsea fan!

Hicks and Gillet were previously thought to retaining some shares in LFC but now are believed to cash in.They are ready to sell the club at the right price - believed to be about £600m. Although we believe they would be ready to sell for a lower price. 

The American duo have hired investment capital Barclays Bank to find potential suitors.

More developments are expected to occur in the week to come...

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