Martin Broughton Exclusive

       Just hours after announcing Liverpool football club are officially up for sale, Liverpool have appointed Martin  Broughton as their chairman who will work alongside the likes of Christian Purslow and Ian Iyre. His main objective is to ensure the sale of the club to the rightful new owners so that the future of Liverpool Football club remains in safe hands.
New Liverpool Chairman Martin Broughton today insisted Reds' fans can look forward to 'a bright new future' at Anfield.

Here is an interview he gave to

"The management team is an excellent management team - Christian Purslow, Philip Nash and Ian Ayre are an excellent management team. They'll basically run the club and I'll run the sale process. But I'll work very closely with Christian on the sale process - he'll be involved in it as well. 
"I think this means a bright new future. It means clarity about the structure, clarity about the ownership, it means investment in the new stadium, it means a club that is set up to be successful in the future.
"I think this is structured. Someone is coming in specifically with that remit; the advisors are focused on doing that for 100% of the club. It's not the ad hoc process that's been in place so far.
"My role is to make sure Liverpool is successful in the future. It is now very important that we find the right owner - not just a new owner.
"I ask for patience from the fans. They want to get what I want to get - not just the highest bidder but the best bidder in the long term.
"My message to the fans is this: have a little bit of patience and in a little bit of time I'll deliver."
Asked about the importance of the new stadium project in the sale of the Club, he replied: "Well I've looked at the stadium project. It's ready to go to tender and frankly there's an overwhelming financial logic for any buyer to proceed with the stadium. Any buyer would be crazy not to proceed with the stadium, it's going to be in its interests... you wouldn't get to be the winning bid without that commitment."

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