The Final Showdown

We all have been waiting for this one , 27 Th  May And another European season will be over . You can't predict the winner , But one thing that you can assure is This one will be hell of a match . They all say The Champions League Finals are Boring , But Sir Alex Ferguson has tipped this one to be a cracker to say the least .
The European Campaign this year has seen some great matches . Bayern Munich Beating Sporting Lisbon on an aggregate of 12-1 over two legs in the Knockout Stages . The Legendary Semifinal  Between Liverpool and Chelsea . Liverpool Knocking out Real . It has been Fantastic .

Team Mentalities :- 

Manchester United :-  Sir Alex Ferguson Must have his team in Mind , Who will play Who will Not , 10 out of 11 pick Themselves , With a toss between Tevez and Berbatov .With Fletcher Not playing due to Stupid , Stupid refereeing . United will play Anderson to Hold the Midfield and Provide a bit of Energy . But United's trump card  will be Counter Attacking Football . 
 All it takes a few seconds to score a goal . 
I predict  that united Will Play a 4- 5- 1 Formation .

Barcelona :-  barca Sure have  Some Defensive Worries , With Abidal Sent off against chelsea . They will have to play  ageing Slyvinho against likes of C.Ronaldo which won't do any tricks for them , But now advantage with Barca is their three pronged attack , and more attacking Midfield . And of course the Lethal Weapon L . Messi . If They use the same strategy as United employed against chelsea last year , Playing Ronaldo Against Essien . And If they play Messi Against O'Shea . He could do some damage . One of Their Trump cards will be Xavi . He can keep the ball , Pass it well and united will have to do something to stop him . Barca Like to keep the ball and play with the Ball , Whereas United have one of the best counter attack. United would like to grab the ball as soon as possible and not allow barca with their fanatics ! 

Men To watch 

United :- 
C . Ronaldo :- The World Player Of the year can Run Barca Rigged With his step overs , All he needs to do is score one like he did against Porto .

Nemanja Vidic :- Undoubtedly the Best Defender in the world  this season .

Wayne Rooney :- I bet my last penny He will try and Hold Messi Rather than Go On Attacking , After all as he says " Anything For the team , Gaffer " 

Barcelona :-  
L. Messi :- If United have World Player of The year , Barcelona have the strongest contender for next WPoY award .

Xavi :- He can hold their Midfield well as well as Run forward to grab on opportunities  !

C. Ronaldo Vs Messi  Will it be  ? 


Read it Up .

This article Surely Underestimates the two of them , but Everybody is going Gaga over Ron And Messi . No Its not C. Ronaldo Vs Messi . Its Manchester United Vs FC Barcelona 

Injuries And Suspensions :- 

Hargo , Brown ( Long Term Injuries ) , Foster ( 9 Weeks ) , Fletcher ( Stupid Red Card ) 
Ferdinand ( Will be Fit , SAF says that )
Marquez , Milito ( Long term Injuries ) , Alves , Abidal ( Suspended) 
Iniesta :- Back On Track
Henry :- No updates now , but Would , And Would Nots are doing Rounds 

Referee :-
With some of the " Worst " Decisions in Champions league Semi Finals This Year I expect UEFA to look into the matter , And After Striking out Some of the possibilities , We are Left with Mr. Busacca Massimo The Most Probable guy to referee the Final, Switzerland . Who Refereed the Second leg of Porto - Manchester United at Dragao .  

Match Buildup :-
I have predicted many a things , But in Football and in particular CL final You cant Predict anything . Did Anyone predict Liverpool to win at Istanbul in after Being 3-0 Down ?
Did Anyone predict United to win In one of the Greatest of Comebacks , Scoring twice in Added time  ? 
All 22 Of them are going to play their Hearts Out , Its not Everyday you get to play in champions league final . You Just have to go and enjoy the match . United Want to prove that they have been the  best And they want to seal it off by wining their fourth European Title , And Barca Want to take their tally to 3 titles , With playing beautiful football whole season long . With Their Four of their best attackers . 
Both The teams have a point to prove their . 
Rome was not bilt in one day , But it will be Shocked in few hours . 

Where Can You watch the match ?

  1. If you are Lucky enough and have the tickets you can watch the match at Stadio Olimpico .
  2. If you Live in Mumbai , And Don't want to watch the match alone at  your home , You can attend MUFCM ( Manchester United Fan Club - Mumbai)Screening at Dadar , Avon Ruby . [Call me on or before 25 th If you are really Interested 9773568677 )                            
  3.  Home Sweet home , Tune in to your TV channels , Streamings on 27 Th may 11.30 and enjoy the Coverage .
My Predictions : -  FC Barcelona 1 - 2 Manchester United ( 90 Minutes ) 
 However close it may be , I think United will overpower barcelona With strong counter attack     and at the same time Barcelonas weak defence . United Will overpower them . 
 It will be " Glory Glory Man United " heard at Rome 
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