True Spirit Of The Game

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez has sent a private letter to his Manchester United counterpart Sir Alex following the a car crash involving his grandson. 10 year old Charlie Ferguson and mother Nandine, ex-wife of Darren Ferguson were hurt in the crash. The youngster had to undergo a 6 hour operation. They are currently in the Alder Hey Hospital.

A Liverpool FC source said: "There is an intense football rivalry between them, but that's all it is - a football rivalry. Everything that has been said has been designed to gain an edge on the pitch.

"But when it comes to matters like this, Rafa is a family man who understands exactly what Sir Alex is going through. He wants to help any way he can.

"Rafa knows how difficult it must be, and he feels for a fellow manager who he respects as a person and a family man himself. Rafa wanted Sir Alex to know that if he or his family needed anything while the youngster was in Liverpool, they only had to ask."

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