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Something For Manchester United Supporters . Chin UP !
Well everybody is going Gaga Over Uniteds Loss ., And I know all the world is going against us . The UCL final Was not United - Barca . It was United Vs Rest Of the World ! And All of your Non- Manc Friends are teasing you that United couldn't win . But Who Gives the F*** at it ? I mean Why to. We have reached Finals They Haven't Isn't this it ?

Barca Played well this season , in the Match, They won it they Deserved it , but does it mean you all will forget what our players have done for us , for Matt Busby , for Manchester United ?

Its Not A childs play to Compete for seven cups . And Winning 4 of them ,Reaching Semis of FA cup, Reaching Final of Super cup , And of course Back to back Finals of UEFA Champions league a feat that no-one has achieved since the new format of the cup !
Do you know how lucky are you to support Manchester united ? the Last three seasons have been the best in My Life as a Manc . We have won more trophies in 3 seasons than Chelsea have ever won !

After three dull years and having won nothing , United were going to bounce back , They had to . And They did it .in '06 - '07 . Coming from behind We won the Premier League when Chelsea failed to beat Arsenal and League Cup's 4-0 Thrashing .

In 2007-08 It was the a pretty special season for us , 50th Anniversary of Busby Babes . Though we lost twice against Man City , We made them proud . A double winning season , With retaining premiership And Winning Champions League Was just Awesome . he Charity Shield was just another addition in the cabinet !

The Year Of 2008 was a big one , Premier League , Champions League , Community Shield , World Club Cup . It looked like there is only one club in England :| [ Yes I am Arrogant , You can F*** off If you don't like it !] , We had the WPoy , Ballon d'Or

Even This season has given us so much , 4 Trophies , And The premiership being our 18th And completing a second hat-trick , Again no club has ever done it . Knocking Liverpool off Their f***ing perch . Wasn't it Just too much to take
And not A single member i 200 K community on Orkut expected us to retain CL this season at the start ,

Ref :- [ ] And we reached the Finals Isn't this more than we expected ? No other club could even dream of quintuple , We were as Close as anyone could get in another century !
Then Why sudden sadness in the community ?
Cheer Up Lads , Next season is going to be bigger and better .
We can get Nineteenth title .
Chin Up Feel proud of our team !
They Have done a LOT for you this season !

PS. I know This is the place for football discussions ,
But you coul give it a read even if you are not a manc!

From a Manc,
Amogh Gokhale
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  1. c dont gt 2 senty a loss is a loss n a win a WIN. i AGREE utd hav won more trophies bt still that doesnt help in anyform durin d ucl final...
    B happy bout d memories of past ucls !!!