MoneyChester City FC

The Richest Football Club At The Moment in EPL ? United ? No . Chelsea . Never . Its Manchester City . And how well did the Richest Club do last season ? A great mid-table 10 th position with Splendid total of 50 points. Achievement innit ?

What comes with the Package :-
Three Goalkeepers .
Eleven Defenders .
Twelve Midfielders .
Ten Fu*king Forwards .

I don't understand what is Mark" Sparky The Manc Legend " Hughes trying to prove ? As of now They have Bojinov, Robinho , Darius Vassell , Jo , Caicedo , Benjani , Sturridge , Bellamy Santa Cruz , And Tevez Deal Nearly Done . Most of them Being " Highly Paid " Strikers . Plus City pressing for Liga BBVA sensation Eto'o . No Other top flight team would have that many Strikers in their first team .

Their 12 Mil Quid Sensation Garath Barry was quoted that the only reason behind quitting Villa was Chamipons League Football ? Then What On earth he was thinking when he signed for City ? Money or Ambition . Or Did He mistake liverpool to city just like robinho ? ( In His press conference , He said I am very happy to signing for chelsea sitting in City Press Box )

But as the Saying Goes , Money Cant Buy Everything . Kaka Denied to Sign for them and Stating the reason as " Manchester City not Big Enough for me . And Beckham stating in an interview " There is only one Club In Manchester " Sums it all up .

I hope Manchester City Dont start a League on their own. And if they keep on signing players like they are now , It wont take them long to do so .

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