RIP Juande

We have seen this season the sacking of a lot of managers as we always do every season!! One of the casualty..was ofcourse Juande Ramos! I have nothing but sympathy for this man...who was not given enough time to build his team as Spurs wanted quick results!
Well, Juande Ramos...the great former manager of Sevilla...who helped them succeed in Europe...won two back-to-back UEFA Cups...qualified for the Champions League...built a good team in Sevilla. Then he joined Tottenham!! And why?? Because Spurs were supposedly on the brink of breaking into the so called ' Top Four ' and he wanted to take up this challenge. He joined Tottenham in mid-season of 2007-2008 after they sacked Martin Jol for performing poorly! He did fairly well as the manager of Spurs...and during the latter stages of the Premier League, Tottenham showed glimpses of great football led by Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov! But when Spurs were down trailing in matches.. they could never show character and come back into the match!! Why?? How he could manage this in Spain with Sevilla?? Well,I think the problem...howmuchever wierd it may seem..was with his English...he couldn't give the motivation needed for a fightback during half-time team-talks. There was Gus Poyet..but when the manager says something...and when his assistant says makes a world of difference!! During the summer,he made two huge mistakes: by selling Keane and Berbatov,their two most influential leaders last season, to Liverpool and ManUtd respectively! The spine of the team was lost!! To add to that..he made wholesale changes to his squad with changing more than 10 players in his team..!

The players he brought in were also amazing...Modric, Bentley, Bale ,Hutton(considered as one of the best right backs in Europe). But the team chemistry which was there last season was lost..he had to then again start from scratch!! While on the other hand, with the arrival of big name players...the expectations from Tottenham had reached a new peak!
I think this stage was the beginning of the end of the Juande Ramos era!! He failed to deliver what was expected of him...lost the big matches again...lost against the minnows as well!! This was certainly not liked by the fans as well as the board and he was sacked in mid- season as he failed to even pull Tottenham back from the relegation zone!! Certainly not what the fans had expected from their team this season! He couldn't motivate his players to perform!
The Board had to sack him!
But I still feel for Juande...being such a great manager in Sevilla..having won so much with Sevilla..but couldn't deliver it with Spurs due to lack of time and faith from the board!! He then went to Real Madrid(The Most Unstable Club). Now he's sacked from there as well! Well, he couldn't reproduce the magic of Sevilla with his next clubs! I wouldn't bet against him coming to Sevilla again! What say??
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