Time To Move On

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
With the world record transfer fee of £80m for Cristiano Ronaldo accepted by ManUtd, it now seems inevitable that Ronaldo will be seen in a Real white shirt next season.

Well, being a ManUtd fan, its sad to see the world's best player leave your team, but its not so gloomy for me. And nor should it be for the other United supporters. He always wanted to play for Real Madrid and its now a dream come true for him. He's had his wish. United have got their money. Its a deal afterall !!

Ronaldo had stated last season that he wanted to go to Real Madrid. But Sir Alex thought that it was too early for Ronaldo to leave. But still Ronaldo's desire to play for Madrid left many of the United supporters disgruntled. It was the wrong time when Cristiano stated his desire to move to Spain. Just 2 days after winning the Champion's League! It felt disrespectful and showed lack of commitment to the club. Yet the fans were happy to see Cristiano back in action after overcoming his ankle injury in the summer. All ManUtd fans cheered for Ronaldo. But I think, those cheers were not the same as the previous season's. Somewhere, Ronaldo had hurt United supporters by not committing himself to the club.

Eventually, he stayed at United for season 08-09 but couldn't repeat his form of the previous season. And it would have been a remarkable achievement if he would have. Ronaldo wasn't poor this term, but had far less impact. But still, United managed to win three trophies, reaching the finals and semi-finals of the othe two. That showed what strength in depth United has. So with Ronaldo gone, it's not so bad a base to build upon. And Sir Alex is the perfect man to rely upon now. Also, with £80m added into the transfer kitty, he has enough money to reshape and rebuild his squad.

Ofcourse, not just the United fans, but all the Premier League fans will definitely miss his free-kicks, his showboating, his tantrums, his ego and much more. Its comparable to José Mourinho's departure. How much do we miss José's comments, his arrogance, his amazing personality and above all his managerial capabilities! With Ronaldo headed to Madrid, the United fans will surely miss him. Not sure about the other fans. Probably, they'll be relieved that every defender's nightmare, Ronaldo, is gone.

This summer, there have not been any big transfer sagas until now unlike last season. Thank God that Ronaldo's gone without any dramas. Its been all well uptill now. Now, Sir Alex can put forward a realistic bid in for Franck Ribery. With Bayern putting a £65m tag on him, United are sure to meet those demands. With the United board giving Sir Alex an annual 20m to spend, still £35m left. Karim Benzema can fit in as well if Tevez isn't signed. With the Ronaldo deal almost done, the papers are going berserk by linking United to all star players like Eto'o, Valencia's David Silva, Barcá's Yaya Toure and Sevilla's Luis Fabiano. It would be glorious to see any of these stars come to United.

Sir Alex says that the United bus is always moving and doesn't wait for anyone. So for all the memories you've given us Ronny, a big Thank You! Cheers!
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  1. I think that this is the best business United could have possibly done. It was clear to everyone that ronaldo was going to leave.It was a question of when rather than whether.The good thing is that the transfer has been done quickly and without the embarassing "Will he-Wont he" fuss that United fans endured last season.United have enough time to buy one or more replacements and i am sure Fergie has already decided who is that player(s).It will be difficult to replace him but no player is bigger than the club and even the likes of Robson, Cantona & Beckham have been replaced suitably.All in all i am very pleased to get 80M for a player who was surely going to go at some point but would not have fetched the same price in the future.Finally I honestly DONT wish Ronny best of luck at Real(As he is no longer one of us I can now criticise him freely!!!)

  2. Fergie bids 45M for Torres lol :D
    laugh now - Torres Torres!
    On your face Torres "I will never join United"

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