Before writing this article, I want to wish all the best to Cristiano and his superstar team-mates in their soon-to-start Real career. May all the luck be with Real because they are going to need it the most!

With all the big money transfers that Real have made, signing two of the best players in Kaká and Ronaldo in a span of 5 days, almost a done deal with David Villa, tracking Liverpool's Alonso, Bayern's superstar Ribery and only Perez and God know how many more!


Real ended their season miserably last term losing 4-0 to Liverpool and a 6-2 thrashing by Barcelona. They conceded goals for fun. So, obviously, the main problem lies with their defence and not their attacking side. To add to Madrid's woes, Barcelona became the first ever Spanish club to win a Treble. So what has Florentino Perez done to rectify this problem?? Buy Kaká, Ronaldo and go for Villa,Alonso an Ribery. Spot a defender!

Real president Florentino Perez and Ronaldo have the same philosophy of life. God created this world so that it could revolve around their outrageously boated egos! Its a marriage made in Heaven or maybe Hell. I don't know. Perez got lucky the first time when he signed Zidane, Figo and Ronaldo. When he tried to replace these men by Beckham, Owen and Robinho, he failed miserably. Hence his resignation. When you see his signings, you begin to wonder whether he is a football man at all. Or just a show man looking for advertisements and big money from the merchandising from his big-name signings. He is surely a man filled with enormous ego. And the only way he knows to avoid defeat, is to sign the world's best players. I mean, what a psycho!

In his previous era, Perez built his Galacticos team in a span of 3 years. Now, he promises to do the same in a year to overtake Barcelona. Can you see it happening? Atleast, I can't. Its said that strikers win you matches but defenders win you tournaments. So, with no defender signed uptil now, I can't see a star-studded Madrid squad winning anything next season. Maybe teams will be scared seeing the Mad-rid line-up, but if they target their defence, they can make a mockery of Real. And how I hope this happens! This time around, there will be no letter on Perez's table demanding his resignation. But he will find that this world will be too small to hide his arrogant face!

PS: If you find anything wrong in what I just said, please post a comment! I want to see how many friends has Perez made here!
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  1. Madrid have always been lighter on the defense side of football.But with Cannavaro departing you cant expect Real not to fill that hole with a solid defender.Im thinking Albiol[valencia] might partner Pepe well.That said Perez will recoup a hell lot of money through merchandise sales.I'm suspecting Utd wont be the most 'supported' club in Asia anymore and that doesn't sit well with the fans out here.
    bwaaaaaah lol :P