Managerial Blues

When Notably you see some " One Manager " Clubs Likes Manchester United , Arsenal & Everton,  Chelsea are surely not one of them. They Have Been Changing their Managers each season in post Roman Era of Chelsea FC .
There have been 6 different managers ( One of them being a Caretaker ) after Roman sacked Jose when season was gaining momentum in September '07
Then came Avram Grant , He was surely going to be sacked If he Failed to win The Mighty CUP with Long Ears as They Call it , UEFA Champions League ! His First And Last match Was Against Manchester United , And he Lost both of them. For 08-09 Season Scolari Quit his job as Portugal National Team manager to take the highly paid Chelsea Job , All I can say He is a good manager But EPL didn't suit him well . And Its not easy to manage egos of all the Star studded 11 He was sacked too , after a draw against Hull ( 0-0) . Ray Wilkins took care of the team until a new manager arrived at Stamford Bridge . And The Dear one Of Roman came to save Chelsea's neck , Guus . Giving them a winning start against Villa (1-0) he lost only once while managing them . And He returned to his Russian International Side after Winning a Silverware for them . And For The next Season they have appointed Carlo Ancelotti , His Contract at Milan was Mutually terminated after a Win against Fiorentina And he is ready to lead the blues .

The Question is " Is Changing-managers-more-often-than-you-change-your-cloths appreciable ? "

NO . The Players , The Fans Everybody is devastated ! The Harmony, the setup and the entire system set by the previous Manager all goes in vain. For Example Big Phil had Plans with Quaresma , He signed him on loan, And Guus Didn't give him chances .
Jose Was The best manager For Them they could ask for ,
they sacked him cause he had issues with their one Man Show - their owner .

( Ricardo Wasted , Wasted :| )
"Why Managers At Chelsea are Sacked ?"

One Word . Roman . .The biggest problem with Roman is that he wants a Yes man. When The Owner wants to tell manager what to do , whom to sign , Whom to play ! Their is no role left for the manager to do , Just A Puppet .
Managers Like SAF , AW won't allow this to happen. They are better at managing than their owners , and their owners know it , That's why they are managers there for this Long

"Is Fan Support adequate "

They Support Lampard and Terry 100 times more than they love their managers , They themselves Boo their managers . No one loved Avram grant ( The Rivals did ) , But Lads he took you to your first ever UCL Finals . A feat even chosen one couldn't achieve . And still you were craving for big Phil ?

" Do Players Support The Managers ? "

No . Reportedly Mr.Chelsea (?) John Terry had a hand in " The Sacking of Jose " , Managers can't do anything If the players regard themselves greater than the club , and the managers . The Boss is Boss and you must respect him .

" Future Of Chelsea FC "

They have a good future , Just lets see how fare does Carlo Ancelotti in EPL ! hey have a good set of players , They Can play . But Its manager who matters . If they keep him 3-4 seasons they have a good chance reaching UCL finals in upcoming years .

The Bottomline is Chelsea Should Better Start concentrating on Football , And Roman Should Shut the F*** up , otherwise Chelsea will surely make a record , They could really go past United in One Single year . Of course not No of trophies , But The No Of managers they have had in a single year being greater than all the managers United Have ever had .

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  1. roman should himself try being the manager.....ha
    it is the job of the owner to flush funds and watch his team win from the box.
    not to play games.....and certainly the ego issues have smothered some of the spirit.
    good writing job done...everything covered

  2. Quaresma was signed by Chelsea to serve as a backup for injured Malouda-Drogba-Joe Cole. Nico had to be the striker so Chelsea required a person to play on the wings. Quaresma featured as a Sub in some games and he failed. He was never suited for the Barclays premier league. Later Malouda-Drogba recovered and the backup was of no use.

    Roman has done just 1 mistake. He sacked Mourinho. And thats his biggest mistake.
    Avram Grant never had the Championship winning abilities. To lead a big club, to handle big egos, you need a big name.

    Hence came Scolari, but it looked he was more interested in his beloved Portuguese players than Chelsea. Deco was playing the worst football of his life and he picked him time and again. Ballack was benched. He found no better backup than one another of his beloved Portuguese player Quaresma.
    Chelsea lost 3-0 to Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. Back in the first of season The Blue Fortress was demolished by Liverpool in a game which ended in a shameful 1-0.
    Certainly Scolari had to face it. He has been the worst manager for Chelsea in the Roman era. His sacking was imminent.

    Roman found successor in the form of Guus, who was dedicated to the Russian team. He did a good job at Chelsea leading them to FA CUP Victory and nearly missing out the Champions League Finals because of poor refereeing decisions in one of the most controversial games.

    There's no reason to blame Roman. Fingers can always be raised but there's a reason behind all the decisions. Carlo Ancelotti is the new manager and I am sure he will live upto the expectations of The Blues.

  3. Chinmay Rane says: July 7, 2009 at 10:16 AM

    Claudio d man.dont forget him.
    he brought chelsea 2 dis posn.....